Scheduling a phone call Heartbeat Nurse love Indianapolis Colts shirt. At the highest corporate levels, the money goes to the super-rich, not into upgrading the electrical grid and putting lines underground. As well as people who start fires, and people who flick cigarettes Smart awfully nice of our fellow Republican Americans to blame the victims of these wildfires in California. Juan Flores it’s called drought and I needing to bury their cable lines instead of outdated poles that rot and allow vegetation to touch and start fires when this happens or the pole fails.

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Those were all work trips, though a far cry from the Heartbeat Nurse love Indianapolis Colts shirt. My heart goes out to all the victims of this devastating fireJefferey Marshall you sound like one of those brainwashed followers. And so we should not give a crap when floods and hurricanes hit red states. Feel free to believe as you want, just let others believe as they wish. When one looks at our amazing universe and all that is in it somehow a gray haired man making it just doesn’t seem right. Jefferey Marshall Really, first just because you call him God and others call it a higher power doesn’t mean they’re wrong. Jo Rowe Liberals don’t believe in God they believe that there is a higher power well they’re notConservatives worship money and are selfish people who put profits ahead of people.


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