Warning: this review contains spoilers for the Houston Astros Best Dad ever shirt Additionally,I will love this first episode of The Great. I’ll admit it: When my friends suggested we watch The Great on Hulu together virtually this weekend, I rolled my eyes. During a moment of global stress and anxiety, I just couldn’t muster the energy to invest in another corset-constrained, modesty-exalting period drama: Give me the staticky background noise of Love Island, or give me blessed silence. The pilot’s opening scenes—in which a young Catherine the Great (Elle Fanning) keels manically back and forth on a swing evoking Fragonard’s famous portrait—did nothing to erase my doubts.

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Then Catherine set off to meet her new husband, Emperor Peter III of Russia (Nicholas Hoult), and everything changed. Fanning is delightful to watch as an anxious yet impassioned Catherine, but it’s Hoult who establishes the Houston Astros Best Dad ever shirt Additionally,I will love this show’s deliberately off-kilter tone early on, greeting his new wife with a cruel dismissal and leading his army of sycophants in laughter. Hoult’s Peter is a cosseted, crude man-boy, and as beastly as he is—he meets Fanning’s demureness with equal and opposite sleaze—the result is uproariously good TV.

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