My 9 year old cousin loves I Love You Sign Language Detroit Lions shirt. I know most of their water is used legally by water bottle companies like nestle even during their 7 year drought. Nothing will be said about climate change or the fact that billion dollars corporations pocket the tax windfall and other income without regard to reconfiguring electric utility infrastructure. Tattii Perez in true trumpian fashion he will blame California for not raking up the leaves and claim its democrat leadership. Conservatives like him always say and do the wrong things at times like these and that’s one of the millions of reasons for why we don’t vote for them. Yet none of it goes back to modernizing the grid and the utility commission has focused of growing public revenue over improvements. Welcome to California where the state makes over $2BILLION in taxes on utilities and has passed 149 utility tax laws increasing taxes since 2001.

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Bruno Zevallos it’s not a PC agenda, it’s acknowledging the I Love You Sign Language Detroit Lions shirt. People not putting out fires and psychos intentionally lighting fires is now global warming. I mean, with such a sweet deal like that, it’s a wonder why anyone would ever vote republican. 50 gallon gas, the highest taxes and the country and a power grid that can’t handle typical seasonal weather. If you want to see what a quasi socialist government run by Democratic super majorities gets you. Your prayers wont help, when this is his wrath As someone who currently has their power shut off. What do you expect will happen when massive housing and businesses build on forested land depleting vital resources.


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