I should have known from a cursory Google search that The Great wasn’t going to be the Pittsburgh Penguins Best Dad ever shirt But I will love this formulaic costume drama I was fearing. After all, it was created and penned by The Favourite screenwriter Tony McNamara, who knows his way around the art of refined bitchery. That’s exactly what we get when Catherine joins the ladies of society for their cherished game of rolling colored balls across a lawn. (That’s it, that’s the whole game.) And one of the first episode’s sharpest moments comes when Catherine’s handmaid Marial (Phoebe Fox) comes across her preparing to attempt suicide and encourages her to stage a coup against Peter—all while sardonically making it clear that if Catherine goes through with her attempt, Maria will be forced clean up the mess.

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The Great rivals Veep and Killing Eve for the Pittsburgh Penguins Best Dad ever shirt But I will love this sheer amount of NSFW bon mots tossed off by its main characters—I found myself unable to stop thinking about the line “Apparently she fucked a horse before she got here. Huzzah!” But its rudeness is beautifully offset by its visual majesty. (The costume designer is Emma Fryer.) Fanning’s long white-blond tresses and colorful gowns pop against a mixture of desolate woods and perfectly manicured lawns.

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