One of the San Francisco Giants Best Dad ever shirt in contrast I will get this most compelling scenes from the first episode is one where Catherine attempts an escape from Russia in a trunk and Peter directs his henchmen to throw the trunk in a river. As Catherine struggles for air, only to be salvaged from the water at the last moment and thrown to the ground gasping, Peter stands above her, smug and triumphant: She’s terrified, to be sure, but there’s a steely glint in her eye, one that warns the viewer not to count her out just yet. The Great pulls off the rare feat of reveling in silliness without getting lost in it, which makes intensely dramatic moments like the one described above feel earned, not stagey.

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On the San Francisco Giants Best Dad ever shirt in contrast I will get this heels of Mrs. America and Hulu’s own Hillary Clinton docuseries, it’s surprisingly refreshing to see a portrait of a female leader that doesn’t idealize her. Catherine is on the side of justice, to be sure, but she’s fallible too, and the series gets plenty of laughs out of her predicament. So does the audience, along with a gripping who-will-prevail power clash and an escapist glimpse at thoroughly old-fashioned luxury. If you’re hunting for a show to lift you out of your present circumstances, you couldn’t ask for better.

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