Soon he’ll be five years old. He lost his mother, who was pregnant with his sister, the What women want in a man character shirt Also,I will get this day before his second birthday. One recent Saturday morning over breakfast, he told me a story about a boy whose mother did not die when he was two. Instead, she gave birth to a daughter, the boy’s baby sister. He gave some additional details about the hats and sunglasses the boy had, and that he lived near the beach with all of his toys. When he came to the end of his story, he said the boy lived happily ever after. And the boy’s name was Dash.

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His optimism and emotional intelligence lift me up. Throughout all of this confusion and frustration, I found a boy who was just happy to be with his dad. This is evident in the What women want in a man character shirt Also,I will get this way he smiles at me each day. I thought about the song that played in the background in the delivery room while he was born, Arthur Russell’s “That’s Us/Wild Combination.” The “I just want to be wherever you are” lyric. The song always felt like a secular prayer about embracing the small moments that you’re incredibly fortunate to have in your life with loved ones. I was lucky that both of us were in good health. I was privileged to be able to work remotely and still earn my full salary. People were suffering. People were dying. But we had each other. And for that relatively brief moment in late April when the world was at a standstill, that was all that mattered.


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